Nadia Chernyak (Training Coordinator)

Native country: Russia

Countries I have lived/worked in: Russia, Ukraine, the UK, Australia, the USA

Languages I speak: Russian, English, French, German 

Current location: San Francisco Bay Area, the USA

Activities outside YS:
    • Educational researcher and academic writer
    • Instructional designer
    • Volunteer mentor, tutor and instructor in several training organizations
Experience with YS: I joined Young SIETAR in 2011. I got involved in the organization of YS 2011 Congress in Slovenia as a volunteer. So far I’ve been a part of the Education Team and the Research Team. I also organized several YS CafĂ© meetings in Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Phoenix (the USA) in 2013 and 2014. 

What I love about YS: concentration of open-minded, kind hearted and culturally curious people 

Key strengths: creative, committed, analytical, detail-oriented

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