Program description – TOIT+ 2019

TOIT+ 2019 is divided in two phases, separated by the train ride from Kyiv to Kharkiv. We will be in Kyiv on Wednesday and Thursday till noon, getting to know the capital of Ukraine, an overview of Ukrainian culture and politics and getting to know the group. On Thursday afternoon we will travel by train from Kyiv to Kharkiv and arrive there by 6pm. Friday and Saturday will be totally dedicated to workshops on train the trainers. On Friday evening a unique storytelling workshop is planned and only bad weather could eventually prevent us from doing it.

On Saturday evening we will have a Farewell Party in a typical Ukrainian restaurant, with Ukrainian music and dances.

On Sunday we will visit two very unique and thought-provoking NGOs and after a wrap-up of the event, will close TOIT+ 2019 at 12.30.

The program is of course subject to permanent adaptation and changes. We will do our best to offer you a unique experience in a truly inspiring community.

The TOIT+ 2019 program comprises two distinct yet related tracks that participants can choose from, based on their own assessment of their level of experience, knowledge and interests:

Core Skills (CS) track

Advanced Skills (AS) track

Open Sessions (additionally)

Pre-TOIT Webinar

The Core Skills (CS) track contains a series of practical sessions that address the most important elements of effective intercultural training design, development, and delivery.

This track is primarily intended for those interculturalists who are new to the field, freshly finished with their studies, or who wish to revisit the basics of intercultural training.

    The Advanced Skills (AS) track contains a series of more applied topics relevant to the design, development, and delivery of high impact intercultural training.

    This track is primarily intended for those intercultural practitioners, who feel they have substantial experience already and are looking to reflect on their current practice, hone their existing training skills, and deepen their expertise in related areas, such as coaching, curriculum design, facilitating, and marketing.

    More details on the program follow soon. The trainers are actively working on the topics and designing the workshops.

    All participants, regardless of their chosen track, are invited to attend sessions from either track, based on their particular interest, needs, or goals.

    In addition to the Core Skills and Advanced Skills sessions, TOIT participants will also have the option to participate in broader “Open Sessions” that are relevant to trainers of all types and levels and which address current topics of interest to intercultural trainers.

      Pre-TOIT Webinar 

      We will kick-off this year's TOIT with an online event for all participants. The registered participants will receive more information on the webinar in due time. You will also have the opportunity here to ask your questions about preparation and logistics for the event. 

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