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Past Young SIETAR Events

12th Young SIETAR Congress in Ljubljana

Date: 26-10-11 to 30-10-11

City: Ljubljana/Planica


How our ideas, experiences and skills can help to address challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world.
Ljubljana & Planica, Slovenia
October 26–30, 2011

10th Young SIETAR Congress in Cairo

Date: 12-11-09 to 15-11-09

City: Cairo, Egypt

Description: Young SIETAR is taking its 10th Annual Congress Edition to Umm el Dunya [the Mother of Cities], commonly known as Cairo, Egypt. Besides a new (continent) location, there are other innovations at store - one of them being the fact that we dropped the Pre-congress Day and turned it into the first day of the congress, so you can look forward to full four days of meeting fellow interculturalists and together revisiting the field we all hold so dear.


Date: 11-10-09 to 18-10-09

City: Jena, Germany

Description: After many ups and downs in the organization of TOIT 2, we are now on a steady course towards finally making it happen! Although we are still waiting for good news from the YIA, the signs are promising! From 11 til 18 October of this year TOIT 2 will take place in Jena, Germany! As there are quite some open places we have opened a second registration round...

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Upcoming events by Young SIETAR (and other SIETARs)!

June 26-29, 2014 - joint Young SIETAR and SIETAR BC Congress in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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A Suitcase Full of Discoveries

The intercultural storybook for children

A Suitcase Full of discoveries

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