Hannah Lambeck (President)

Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked in: Germany, USA, The Netherlands, Canada, Peru

Languages I speak: German, English, Spanish, Dutch

Current location: Cologne, Germany

Activities outside YS 

  • Freelance Trainer for intercultural competence and communication

  • Expat coaching

  • Volunteer Management at AFS Germany 

  • Open house for refugees

  • Basketball, Salsa, Sailing

Experience with YS:

I joined YS back in 2011 after finishing my degree in International Communication as I knew I wanted to work in the intercultural field. I was part of the organizational team for the TOIT in 2013 in Berlin and participated in the 2014 YS Congress in Vancouver which was wonderful – both because of the congress and coming back to beautiful British Columbia after having lived there back in 2010. Having to focus on paying the bills unfortunately I was not as involved in the past few years, except for some webinars and questionnaires – and keeping up with YS via social media. Now I am ready to dive back in :)

What I love about YS:

welcoming, creative and innovative: that’s YS to me. 

All it takes are a bunch of motivated like-minded individuals spread across all continents and some technology. The result is an amazing global community that allows us to learn, make friends and contribute to a more peaceful world. Now who wouldn’t love such a creative, diverse bunch?

Key strengths:
Enthusiasm, listening, team player, perspective change, improvising 

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