Puong-Vy Tran (Education & Training Coordinator)

Phuong-Vy Tran

Native country: Germany

Countries I have lived/worked in: Germany, New Zealand, Vietnam, Spain, Denmark

Languages I speak: German, English, Spanish, Vietnamese

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Activities outside YS

  • Passionate about dancing (mainly contemporary & salsa) & crazy about pottery
  • Student of Global Humanities
  • Exploring different formats for intercultural training & education projects
  • Finding ways to bring people together 

My vision for YS: I would love for YS to be a self-driven learning community, in which we are well connected throughout the organization and where we develop ideas together about how to learn in the field. We can teach each other and learn from one another. I’d love for this communal learning to have a playful and colourful touch to it, too. 

What I love about YS: I love the great energy and motivation that people are bringing to all YS encounters. Everyone seems so eager to learn and connect and I think that’s wonderful.  

One of my most amazing intercultural experiences: Sharing a meal with a big group of people on the Camino de Santiago. There was so much curiosity between all of us and we totally embraced it. We all brought our own experiences into the encounter. The atmosphere was amazing!

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