History of Young SIETAR

The Young SIETAR initiative dates back to 1993 when Veronique Kilian started to develop the idea. This resulted in a policy plan that was spread in 1994 at the SIETAR Europa congress in Prague. 

Veronique Kilian then started to work with an operating board - being Young SIETAR's first president. The board consisted of young professionals living in the The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This small but vibrant group devised a rough vision which is now Young SIETAR. Many discussions with both SIETAR International and SIETAR Europa paved a way for the interculturalists of tomorrow. Support was gathered from all around the globe and the small group of pioneers began an endeavor with much potential

The first Congress in Amsterdam with approximately 60 participants was a great success and has led to many more Congresses almost each year (e.g. in Slovenia, Turkey, Canada). 

Now Young SIETAR has become a global organization with dedicated members from different continents and exciting projects. After 16 Congresses we continue to use the more and more advanced technological solutions to promote intercultural communication around the world. 

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