The Research Team

Our Research Team conducts research projects which focus on intercultural education, communication and training. We are passionate and qualified researchers in the intercultural field, a virtual team from different parts of the world. The Research Team is currently working on the following projects:

  • The Invited Researchers (you can find more information here)

  • YS learning library (you can access it after logging in into the website at
  • TOIT (Training of the intercultural Trainers) Research

The Invited Researchers with the Research Team

This project aims to provide Young SIETAR members with research opportunities in intercultural communication and at the same time it is a pilot program for our new YS research program ‘The Invited Researchers’ which fosters academic exchange.


  • To boost cultural diversity in the intercultural research area through various collaborations.  

  • To provide YS members with intercultural research opportunities    

Basic qualifications

  • Young SIETAR membership 

  • Research experience 

  • Intercultural professionals (e.g. International relations, International education professionals, relocation administrations etc) 

Application procedure and project proposal submission  

  •  [1st call]  Application submission period: by November

  •  [2nd call]  Announcement period: 2nd week of December

How do we select the proposal?

  • Call for committee members to all YS members

Expected starting date

  • Jan.1 (annually)

Project duration

  • One project one year (up to 2 years depending on projects)

Monthly time investment

  • approx 4-10 hours/month

2021 "The Invited Researchers"

Project: Global handbook for inclusion and social responsibility in higher education

Research Duration: April to August

Invited researchers [Alphabetical order]: Aaliya Ali, María Belén Arrechea , Ji-yu Bak, Daisy Boujawdeh, Ali Elhami, Maria Gallego-Gonzalez, Kristina Ganchenko, Amrah Hermayen, Miriam Lohmann, Vincent Merk (YS Advisor), Nadège Minos Vincent Morvan, Qi Meng , Ishita Ray, Anita Rosha

If you have any questions about the work of our research team or are interested in a cooperation, contact our Research Coordinator at

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