International Relations with Elena Terekhova
15 December 2020, 18-19 CET

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Elena is an international relations professional, international career consultant and workshop facilitator. She works for AIPH, non-profit international association of horticultural producers as International Relations Manager in the office of Secretary General and takes assignments as independent consultant. Elena is Russian, based in France, and works with around 30 nationalities weekly. She is the author of a career development project for international professionals, which she called My Way to Etincelles, “Etincelles” from French meaning “Sparkles”. Her philosophy is that we simply cannot allow ourselves not to sparkle in our lives and careers, and each of us should keep finding this way to shine. Elena is optimistic about life in general and human potential in particular. She enjoys dynamic environments, books with a love twist, art and dolce vita, from hanami (watching cherry blossoms) to making limoncello from lemons that life gives. 

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