Young SIETAR Board

Young SIETAR is governed by an international Board.

Our goals are to:

  • Hold together the whole organization and provide a basis for continuity within the organization.
  • Enable healthy and steady growth.
  • Maintain a functioning internal communication and information sharing system.
  • Run the daily business of the organization and ensure a smooth running administration.
  • Develop a balanced offering of content oriented projects for members.
  • Attract new members.
  • Discuss problems and challenges and look for solutions.

The current Young SIETAR Board Members since the 2023 General Assembly are listed below:

  • President: Inna Zhdanova
  • Vice-President: 
  • Secretary: Cédric Reichel
  • Treasurer: Veronique Kilian
  • Communications Coordinator: Christina Overturf Goodwin
  • Education & Training Coordinators: Phuong-Vy Tran
  • Events Coordinator: Simone Seiki
  • Membership & Mentoring Coordinator: Soyoung Sarah Han
  • Research Coordinator: Ji-yu Bak

Click on the names above to learn more about each of our Board members. If you have any questions about the organization in general, please contact us at

Young SIETAR recognizes past Board members for their service:

Thierry Samson (1997-1999), Lodewijk Regout (1997-1999), Marc Goemans (1997-1999), Xander Kranenburg (1997-2000), Thomas Barten (1997-1999), Claudia Jordan (2000-2007), Claudia Zysk (2003-2005), Nina Bielau (2003-2007), Stephanie Quappe (2003-2006), Anne-Claire Frank (2003-2008), Alexandra Kotlebova (2003-2006), Carolin Weppler (2003-2005), Jana Hollà (2005-2011), Jacek Hutyra (2005-2013), Betina Skzudlarek (2005-2007), Keri (Saltzman) Roth (2006), Laura Fennell (2006-2007), Marian van Bakel (2007-2014), Stephan Winiker (2006-present), Julien Keruhel (2006-2007), Minke van Schelven (2007-2009), Martina Verschuren van der Does (2007-2019), Anne-Claire Chêne-Geffroy (2007-2008), Mojdeh (Madadi) Tait (2007-2010), Sabrina (Ziegler) Dumitra (2010-2014), Claire (Stienecker) Jennings (2008-2011), Carolina von Vajna (2011- 2013), Melissa Hahn (2011-2013), Charmila Kasper (2011-2013), Tanja Schulze (2011-2013), Anne Hitzegrad (2012-2014), Babette Gekeler (2014-2016), Shani Abergel (2014-2014), Cristina Zabalaga (2014-2016), Nadine Binder (2014-2016 and 2019-2021), Mirella Simeonova (2014-2016), Johanna Metsä-Ketelä (2014-2016), Kirsten Rosa (2014-2016), Laia Costa (2017-2017), Susan Salzbrenner (2017-2018), Anne Richter (2011-2018), Danielle Sullivan (2017-2018), Nadia Chernyak (2017-2018), D.J. O'Donnell (2019), Dr Eirini Daskalaki (2018-2020).

The Board extends deepest gratitude to Young SIETAR Founder Veronique Kilian for her enthusiastic and continuing support.

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