Veronique Kilian (Treasurer)

Native country: The Netherlands
Countries I have lived/worked inThe Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, USA
Languages I speak: Dutch, English, German
Current location:
's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Activities outside YS 

  • Podcaster and Vlogger

  • Founder of Young SIETAR

  • (Team)coaching, Public Speaker, Chief Happiness Officer 

  • Author of 2 books: 1 about Dialogue Process and 2nd about Happines at work
  • Several sports like Martial Arts, Fitness, Running and Kundalini Yoga
Experience with YS: 
As the founder of YS I have been to the most events and congresses.
Interesting is how YS has grown.

What I love about YS: The International get together – belonging – being young by heart and spirit – still going strong – looking forward to renewed events

Key strengths: Enthusiasm – Expansion – Continuous learning – Interculturalist - Inspiration

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