Intercultural Dyad

What is a dyad?

A dyad is not just a conversation between 2 people, but has an effect that is enhancing connection, mindfulness and embodiment. People often experience a de-stressing effect and calming effect that helps to feel more at peace. Also it supports the nervous system to give energy to our "open minded thinking brain", so we can get more clarity, empathy and a perspective of possibilities instead of a troubled mind.

In a webinar given for Sietar The Netherlands, Veronique Kilian explains the Dyad process here:

How does it work?

The dyad is derived from Non Violent Communication since it is a great way to explore emotions and needs, in a safe space and to go beyond self-censoring and self-blaming.

During the Intercultural Dyad we come online together and split in pairs. There are 2 roles: the sharer and the witness. The roles of the witness and the sharer change every 5 minutes. In total it is a round of 4 times, which makes a complete dyad 40 minutes.

The effect of someone only listening, without judging, has the effect that both the sharer and silent witness cultivate Delta Waves in the brain - and thus this has a calming effect, that stimulates what i refer to as the Higher Brain: the part of the brain that supports your perspective of possibilities.

The self inquiry starts with a dyad question, asked by the witness. After having asked the question for self inquiry for the sharer, the witness stays silent. Therefore this role is called the silent witness.

Suggestions for the silent witness:

  •  be present with an open heart, leaving behind judgments and open a space of respect – your presence can be felt by the one who is inquiring and sharing. This is also known as the skill of holding space.
  •  listen with curiosity without needing to actively respond or interact at all; it is enough to have your eyes open; this often offers reassurance and is a way to say “I am here with you” without needing to speak, nod, or smile,

Suggestions for the sharer:

  • be self aware: observe yourself and listen deeply inside yourself and become aware of our own thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations
  • be honest; this is your chance to inquire in a safe space and go beyond (self) criticism

The Dyad is NOT about

  • giving advice or problem solving
  • practicing therapy
  • responding to what the sharer has said

If you want more information, you can watch this interview with Simone Anliker in Veronique's Chief Happiness Officer Podcast:

You are warmly welcome to join an Intercultural Mindful Dyad Practice online. Please join Veronique Kilian (Young SIETAR founder and Transformation Coach) and Nil├╝fer Dietrich Boysan (SIETAR Member and Mindfulness Coach) to experience this inquiry and expand our presencing with the mindful dyad practice.

To join the Intercultural Dyad Meeting, you need a zoom account. Click the link below and sign up for free with zoom. Make sure that your video and microphone are working. You need a good internet connection.

The Intercultural Dyad Meeting lasts 1 hour 30 min. We will start with a plenaire explanation, than go into break-out rooms for the dyad practice in pairs. After 43 minutes we return to the main room for a closing ritual.

Intercultural Dyad
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For the next  date for the dyad please take a look at our homepage. 

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