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Vancouver 2014 by Young SIETAR & SIETAR British Columbia

Young SIETAR and SIETAR British Columbia proudly present a joint congress to be held 26-29 June 2014 in Vancouver and Sts'Ailes, Canada.

"Shaping Identity: Land, People, Systems" will be the theme of the event (YS's first one in the Americas!).

Check out all the details here.

Vacant positions on the Board of Young SIETAR! It's your chance to become part of it.

Several positions are opening on the Board of Young SIETAR. As YS is run voluntarily by the members for the members, it is your chance to apply and become a part of it!

The opening positions are:

- President

- Education Coordinator

Please see the <media 2063 - - "TEXT, Role descriptions YS Board 2013, Role_descriptions_YS_Board_2013.docx, 32 KB">attachment </media>for more information on the open positions. Interesed? Any questions? Ready to apply? Drop us a line at board_[at]_youngsietar_[dot]_org - we count on you!

Welcome to the world of Young SIETAR

The Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (Young SIETAR) is an exciting opportunity to get involved in the world of intercultural communication, education, training, and research.
Being a truly virtual organization, it provides a forum for interaction between those who share an interest in a wide variety of intercultural practice and research. Through its various activities, Young SIETAR aims at building a bridge in this dynamic field between newcomers and established professionals, supporting a new generation of interculturalists.
Young SIETAR stands for enthusiasm, creativity, new ideas, knowledge sharing, in short: a different 'young' approach.

Young SIETAR on Twitter:

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Upcoming events by Young SIETAR (and other SIETARs)!

June 26-29, 2014 - joint Young SIETAR and SIETAR BC Congress in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Visit our FB for details & latest news: www.facebook.com/youngsietar (or have a look at the Twitter widget in the mid-section of our home site www.youngsietar.org)

YS Project Lab Winners announced!

Go to the Project Lab page to learn more!

A Suitcase Full of Discoveries

The intercultural storybook for children

A Suitcase Full of discoveries

Check out our other publications at our Publications page.

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