C├ędric Reichel (Secretary)

Native countryLuxembourg

Countries I have lived/worked inGermany, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine

Languages I speakEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Luxembourgish
Current location: Luxembourg

Activities outside YS
  • Facilitator for workshops on climate justice and North-South-Dialogue
  • Social Activities arein the area of animal protection and climate justice
  • Football Refereeing, Gardening and Hiking
My vision for YSBe a safe space for all people young at heart who want to connect with the world of interculturalists. As an organisation be reliable but innovative too, committed but respectful and global but close in our heart.

What I love about YSDiscovering new online tools and ways to organize a virtual community.

One of my most amazing travel/intercultural experiencesComing from a country where people consider a 15 minute ride by car "too far to just pass by", I will never forget how my relation to time and distance changed when in Mexico my roommate wanted to visit his parents who just lived around the corner and it happend to be a 3 hours car ride or my 16 hours rides in sleeper trains in post-soviet countries just for the weekend.

Contact: secretary@youngsietar.org

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